*On site personal hot tub.

*Available to use for entire reservation.

*Book online as an add on to your reservation.

*Ready for use after check in.

*Cabin and dome hot tubs vary slightly.

* One time $75 charge for the entire reservation.
2Terms & Conditions
* NO oils, bubble bath, soaps, other liquids, or any other harmful materials should be used in the hot tub.

* No glass products whatsoever are allowed in or around the hot tub.

* Children are to supervised at ALL times in and around the hot tub.

*Max temperature cannot exceed 104 degrees.
Personal hot tub usage will be included in your nightly rental price until March 31, 2023. Starting April 1st, as our brand-new, zero entry pool will be open, the hot tub will be available ONLY to rent as an add on to your reservation for a one-time fee of $75 for the duration of your stay.