*On site personal hot tub.

*Available to use for entire reservation.

*Book online as an add on to your reservation.

*Ready for use after check in.

*Cabin and dome hot tubs vary slightly.

* One time $75 charge for the entire reservation.
2Terms & Conditions
* NO oils, bubble bath, soaps, other liquids, or any other harmful materials should be used in the hot tub.

* No glass products whatsoever are allowed in or around the hot tub.

* Children are to supervised at ALL times in and around the hot tub.

*Max temperature cannot exceed 104 degrees.
Personal hot tub usage will be included in your nightly rental price until March 31, 2023. Starting April 1st the hot tub will be available ONLY to rent as an add on to your reservation for a one-time fee of $75 for the duration of your stay. Hot tubs are located at each cabin and dome and can also be additionally rented for RV sites with at minimum 24 hour notice prior to check-in.